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Why and How we care about website redesign

How Our Website Redesign Company Started

Compelling Ventures wasn’t originally a website redesign company. It was built on one of those companies that started with a question.


I like that website you built for yourself… would you make some for my clients?

Then the work kept pouring in. It was so busy that our website wasn’t created until nearly 8 months after the business was flying down the road.

There is something about being detail-oriented enough to ask the questions. Driven to produce quality results enough that you double-check the development of a site. And skilled enough to build a hyper-focused team.

Those three factors make a difference for our clients.

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Over time we realized that website redesign work was the most interesting for us. It’s interesting because it gives us the chance to work with existing businesses. Businesses that are dedicated to selling high-quality products or services. Ones that have such a solid clientele that they are ready to expand.

Businesses that need a website that is sophisticated enough to expand with them.
We love supporting that expansion by building a sleek, modernized website. One that their ideal customers can navigate with ease. A website redesign that helps those customers on the journey from intent to purchase.

What We Care About

Mind the Details

Quality is important to us. That’s why we have a double-check policy built into every refresh we complete. 

Before you even see the first final draft of your modernized site it has gone through two separate reviews and tweaking processes. That way you can stay focused on running your business while we bring your website up to speed.

We Diversify Experience

Our consultants each bring a unique skill set to the table. Their experience, training, and insights guide each refresh. From functionality to message and design, we leverage our expertise to make your website as sophisticated as your business.

Expand Our Knowledge Base

Technology and marketing are constantly evolving. That’s why we set aside time each week to learn new techniques, understand unique methods, and explore cutting-edge technology. That insight helps us deploy modernized solutions on your website.

How Our Website Redesign Company Works

Each refresh starts with a conversation. Our fit as a website refresh company with your company culture is important. If our companies are a good fit, then the next step is understanding how your business works today. Our goal is to find solutions that meet your needs, drive efficiency, and look stylish. Then our team puts our heads together and identifies the ideal path forward. If you choose our route to modernization, then we kick start the refresh with a clear path forward.

Work With Us

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