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WordPress Security

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WordPress Security

Maintenance & Adjustments


Website Comms Strategy


Compelling Copywriting


DIY Website Support

Vivid Pictures

Worry Free Redesign

WordPress Security
Tech Support Services Collection

As hackers become savvier, security becomes more necessary.

This package includes three key aspects. Those are Automatic Backups, Hidden Login page, a Firewall and Security Monitoring software. The goal is to reduce the risk of your site being hacked and ensure that you have options even if your site is attacked. 

No provider can guarantee that your site will always remain safe. But, by implementing these three aspects, you can rest easier. Your site will be safer with this package.

Two developers working on wordpress security

Think of this like website insurance. If something goes wrong, you can always restore an older version. A version when everything was working perfectly! 


Our package creates a backup on your website and another one off your website. This means that even if you can’t get into your website, we can always restore a version where it works again.

All WordPress sites come with the same login URL. That means bad actors only need to figure out your username and password. By changing your login URL, you make it one step harder for a hacker to get into your WordPress dashboard.

Here’s the hard truth: hackers are always looking for a way in. Keeping your plugins, theme, WordPress, and PHP updated all the time isn’t enough. Hackers regularly find chinks in the armor before the software manufacturers can patch them and send you an update. 

But, there is a solution! The software we install automatically scans your files. It looks for things like malware, bad URLs, backdoors, SEO spam, malicious redirects, and code injections. It also activates a firewall. This firewall is far more effective than the cloud-based alternatives. 

In short: It’s a powerful defense for your website.

Here are some of the other valuable features: 

  • Leaded Password Protection that way you can’t continue to use a password that a hacker already knows. 
  • Reporting Capabilities so that you can see exactly what’s going on. 
  • Two-Factor Authentication to put an end to those brute force attacks
  • Ability to Repair Files and help you recover from a hack. 
  • Heavy-Duty Blocking stops most malicious activity in its tracks. 

Don’t leave your site open to hackers.
Take the savvy step to make your website safer today.

Two developer working on updating website for during wordpress maintenance and adjustments service

WordPress Maintenance & Website Adjustments
Tech Support Services Collection

Know you need to keep your website updated; but, just don’t have the time to make sure that nothing breaks when you do? 

Not to mention all of those little tweaks you want to get done– like updating your pop-up for the season. 

We get it! That is why we created this package. It includes updating your site, regular testing (to make sure everything is working), and the option for us to handle minor edits on your site.

Two developer working on updating website for during wordpress maintenance and adjustments service

This includes updating your Plugins, Theme, WordPress, and PHP version.

We will regularly test your links, contact forms, and website speed to make sure everything is still working smoothly.

We will manage the week-to-week adjustments you need to stay in season.

No need to worry about updates or changing that pesky pop-up to show your new discount.
We are here to help!

Website Communications Strategy that Converts
Marketing and Design Services Collection

Know what your customers want; but, not how to communicate that through your website?

We get it! That is why we created this package.

We start with your unique voice and services. Then we layer in our knowledge of web design and marketing.

The end result? A strategy that gives you the building blocks for a website that turns visitors into customers.

Two people in a park looking at website communications strategy
This is the foundation for your communications strategy. It tells your visitors why your service matters to them in one easy-to-read sentence. Why is this the foundation? Because people are motivated by the reason they want something rather than the thing itself. That is why it is more effective than focusing on what you do or how you do it.
We lay out all of the sections you need for up to 5 key pages. We also identify the type of content you want to include in each section. This custom layout is designed to move your website visitors from desire to booking. 
We identify some keywords that can help you rank better in search results. These phrases are chosen based on a balance of high traffic and low competition. We recommend focusing on several keywords per page.
A picture is worth a thousand words. Knowing which type of photos to pair with your content makes it easier for your customers to really see why your service meets their needs. Our recommendations give you an idea of the types of photos to find, photo editing best practices, and a few places you can look for free content.
We meet with you to go over the communications strategy. It is a great opportunity to answer any questions you have about using it on your website.

Stop wondering if you are sending your customers the right message. 
Use a website communications strategy that works.

Two people staring at compelling copy on a tablet in a park

Compelling Copy
Marketing and Design Services Collection

Make it easy to update (or launch!) your website. When you add this option we will write SEO optimized content for up to five website pages. 

That means all you need to do is copy and paste the text onto each page. We will even include the SEO meta description to make your on-page SEO simpler. 

Additional pages can be included. This copy does leverage our web design and marketing expertise. 

Two people staring at compelling copy on a tablet in a park

Our team uses multiple (similar) keywords to help search engines know where to rank your pages based on intent. A much more effective solution than targeting a specific phrase. 

We know everyone is busy. That is why we make our copy easy to understand. So that your visitors can spend less time deciphering your website, and more time buying your products. 

We use marketing psychology to guide your visitors from interest to purchase through the text. 

Stop hitting your head against a wall to find the right words.
Let us write effective copy for you.

Underscore Your Message with Vivid Pictures
Marketing and Design Services Collection

A picture is worth a thousand words. So make sure yours enhance the message you want to communicate.

Unfortunately, finding these pictures can be tough… and expensive!

This marketing and design services package can save you the hassle and expense!

With your wireframes (or rough idea of where you want the pictures to appear on your page) and SEO keywords you want to use, we can find and optimize the photos that underscore your message. 

one person helping another person up a cliff against the setting sun. A vivid picture to underscore the impact photos can have on a website and how you can underscore your message with a vivid picture.

Our team finds pictures that help your customer understand your message. We are careful to choose a variety. That way we enhance your message without overloading your customer.

We make sure the titles of your pictures are filled with your keywords and able to underscore your message. That helps with your SEO and (if you choose to show your titles) helps a visitor scan down your website for the answers they need. 

We will use photo editing techniques to make sure that your picture is the best size. That means helps with your site speed– a crucial aspect of SEO.

Plus, our editing techniques are designed to frame the picture so that it encourages your visitors to keep reading. 

In addition to sizing and titling your pictures, we will use the keywords you provide in the title and the alt text. This helps search engines know where to rank your pictures and it is the text that sight-challenged folks may hear when they visit your site. 

Stop struggling to find the perfect photos to bring your site to life.
Let our team find and optimize vivid pictures for you.

Two people high-fiving in an outdoor cafe after getting some great help through their  DIY support package

DYI Q&A Support Package
Web Design and Marketing Collection

Ready to tackle it on your own; but, want some support along the way? 

We’re here for you!

Between our web design and marketing experience, extensive knowledge of WordPress, and SEO Training, we can help you find the answers you need to build your online presence.

Two people high-fiving in an outdoor cafe after getting some great help through their DIY support package

Our guide includes the 3 steps you need to take to get from idea to launch. These steps help you tackle creating a message, finding a way to make that message customer (and search engine!) friendly, and then building your design. 

Our team has years of experience in marketing. We know WordPress and how to optimize for SEO. When you hire us, most answers are right at your fingertips!

Our team is available from 9 AM to 5 PM every day. You’ll be able to get ahold of us through email and your personal Slack channel. 

Don’t give yourself another excuse.
Give yourself the tools you need to successfully build your site.

Worry Free Website Design
Web Design and Marketing Collection

Finangling marketing communication isn’t for everyone. Some folks shudder at the idea of wrestling with website design.

That’s why we built this package. It is for the business owners who are savvy enough to recognize that this is not their energy advantage– and hand the rest of the work to an expert team.

Leverage our web design and marketing expertise to get the website you need without the hassle. 

Two people looking at the beautiful results of a white-glove website design on large white steps outside with a green tree in the background

We leverage our SEO experience and knowledge to build a website search engines can read easily. But, most importantly, we focus on a customer-centric approach. That means your site is more likely to keep appearing in front of your customers even when the search engines change their algorithms. 

We leverage our experience in marketing. And we use our knowledge of psychology. The designs we create make it easy for your customer to move from interest to purchase. 

Our team loves to refresh your website’s message, design, and functionality so that it is as sophisticated as your business.

Stop wasting your energy wrestling your website.
Let our team tackle it all for you. 

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